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Valentina Morgana
Mona Hema
Kat Robb

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iPad in the EFL classroom: perceptions and practices
Valentina Morgana (Open University)
What is the future of the iPad in the EFL classroom? In this presentation, I will talk about an on-going research concerning the way in which English language teachers and learners in secondary school education use the iPad, particularly in relation to learners’ and teachers’ perceptions of mobile learning, and innovative English teaching practices.

Using hand-generated concordances in the classroom
Mona Hema (British Council Jeddah)
In the recent years there has been growing interest in the use of concordances in learning. Inside the ESL/ EFL classroom, concordancing offers a wide range of uses and appears quite effective in assisting language learning. This talk aims to focus on using hand- generated concordances which can provide a wealth of effective learning opportunities for learners and teachers.

Instant messaging with learners: chilled out chatroom or creepy treehouse?
Kat Robb (Oxford Tefl Barcelona)
Many educators have embraced the use of mobile technologies and instant messaging with learners. But inviting learners to connect with their teacher on social media can provoke horror; what some have called the creepy treehouse syndrome. In this talk, I present contexts where I used IM and the outcome. Cautious of creating a creepy treehouse syndrome, I trod extremely carefully.

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