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Daniel Baines
Teti Dragas

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Rethinking reflection on the intensive TEFL course
Daniel Baines (British Council, Prague)
Post-lesson reflection has become an integral part of initial teacher training courses all around the world, despite no evidence of its effectiveness. This session will present a case for the end of compulsory reflection on four-week initial teacher training courses and make practical recommendations for course designers to maximise their trainees' potential.

Dialogic interaction and the mediation of pre-service teacher learning
Mike Chick (University of South Wales)
This talk presents findings from research that illuminate the ways in which a dialogic pedagogy can help inculcate a culture of informed reflective practice by providing novice teachers with helpful signposts as they set out on a path of longterm development. The benefits and constraints to implementing a dialogic approach during pre-service ELT are also considered.

Exploring in-house video training materials for 'reflective' teacher development
Teti Dragas (Durham University, ELC)

This presentation explores the development and use of in-house video materials that form part of a teacher development module on a Masters in TESOL for a group of experienced, international teachers. The module aims at fostering teachers’ reflective practice and the video material, which was created from recordings of ‘live’ teaching practice, included focused tasks aimed at developing reflection.

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