ELT Conversation

Session description

Andrew Wickham
Philip Kerr

Session details:

This session is an in-depth conversation in which two speakers discuss and explore issues surrounding a key topic in ELT. They will address key questions from the point of view of their own knowledge, experience, convictions and doubts. There will also be an opportunity for delegates to express their views and pose questions from the floor.

ELT as an industry
To what extent should English language instruction be seen as a collective investment in society’s future, or as a service to paying customers driven by the market place? We’ll be discussing a number of recent, more industry-oriented trends in ELT, including the gradual privatization of the public sector, the globalization of ELT, new technologies, new directions in publishing, testing, redefinitions of language teaching syllabuses and the decline in pay and conditions. In the process, we’ll be considering what might be lost and what might be gained from framing ELT as an industry.

Andrew Wickham is a consultant with www.linguaid.net in Paris. He specialises in corporate language training markets with a focus on the French market and on blended learning.

Philip Kerr is a teacher trainer and materials writer, based in Vienna. He blogs about technology at https:// adaptivelearninginelt.wordpress.com and is working on the development of new adaptive learning software.

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