Changing the way we approach learning styles in teacher education

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Carol Lethaby
Patricia Harries

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We will discuss and evaluate how we openly teach trainee teachers the notion of 'neuromyth', and that there is no evidence to support the assessment and accommodation of learning styles as a way to enhance language learning. We'll show how we facilitate this discussion and focus instead on evidence-based teaching and training techniques. 

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Since workings of the brain are still too far from being studied and understood in their full complexity, I wouldn't dare propagate so boldly, especially using multiple sensory input in the form of audio, visual, and kinesthetic presentation, that there is NO evidence for learning styles. In fact, there's a vast chasm between NO evidence and NOT ENOUGH evidence, if you will. Or, maybe, I'm just another victim of the meshing theory. :-)

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The term learning styles is generally used to portray how students assemble, filter through, translate, sort out, arrive at decisions about, and "store" data for additionally utilize. In spite of the fact that the writing on learning styles is colossal," they "discovered basically no proof" supporting "guideline is best given in an organization " Write my assignment for me " that matches the inclination of the student.

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I also love your idea on evidence-based teaching and training techniques. At the end of the day, we will always weigh the kind of learners we have in the classroom and apply the needed teaching strategy. The more we are student-centered, the better!

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