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This year we’ll be asking IATEFL Harrogate conference delegates to contribute their own Harrogate Online Roving Reporter reports.

We will be featuring accounts of sessions attended by conference delegates on each day of the event.

If you’re attending the conference and you are interested in writing session reports for the Harrogate Online website, please come to our Harrogate Online studio and we’ll explain what this involves.

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Investigating maritime students' academic and professional needs

Submitted by Maria Soledad L... on Thu 14 Apr, 13:50

Stella Kourieos presented the results of needs analysis she carried out in a maritame degree in Cyprus. It is really interesting and she introduced some solutions and impligations and suggested some interesting pedagogical activities. I loved listening to her accent ;)

Forum on academic writing (ESP sig)

Submitted by Maria Soledad L... on Thu 14 Apr, 11:29

An ESP sig is a Special Interest Group...all the presentations related to the topic are in the same room. We were welcome by Aysen Guven and Prithvi Shrestha, who are the group coordinators. There is a professional but at the same time friendly atmosphere... The day started with this academic writing forum: David Albachten and Zeynep Iskenderoglou Onel shared their research on Academic Writing: how to help students improve and the relationship between writing and critical thinking.... really interesting and l could relate to the issues raised :)

EAP textbooks for university: one size does not fit all

Submitted by Maria Soledad L... on Thu 14 Apr, 08:40

A. Makarova from Brenem university in Germany delivered a complete and thoughtful presentation describing her research project about the use of textbooks and teachers' designed materials for EAP courses... she referred to students' and teachers' perceptions. It was very complete and thoughtprovoking.... very interesting... teachers and students as co-writer of published textbooks :) good idea!

Corpora training by Federico Espinoza

Submitted by Maria Soledad L... on Thu 14 Apr, 08:37

A dynamic and enlightening session by Federico Espinoza where we reflected on how to use corpora in our EAP classes and he suggested and demonstrated on how to do different activities. He also showed how to use COCA  and shared lesson plans... GREAT PRESENTATION!!! Thanks Federico!

Supporting postgrad EAP students by A. Smith

Submitted by Maria Soledad L... on Thu 14 Apr, 08:32

Postgrad challenges, difficulties, needs were discussed... She also introduced some tips for teaching PG EAP to students and highlighted the importance of guidance and flexibility. Interesting presentation! Then, she introduced 7 different software that can be used to enhance writing skills with postgrad students... most of them were new to me, so I learnt a lot! ;)

AWL poster

Submitted by Maria Soledad L... on Thu 14 Apr, 08:30

Ten minute corpus activities

Submitted by Maria Soledad L... on Thu 14 Apr, 08:22

Jannie Wright was really dynamic at presenting how to prepare activities using Corpora in 10'.  Great presentation!!!

David Crystal

Submitted by Maria Soledad L... on Thu 14 Apr, 08:20

Pre-conference event - Global Issues PCE

Submitted by Maria Soledad L... on Thu 14 Apr, 07:56

I attented the Global issues pre-conference event. Different presentations and discussion groups were organized throughout the day. Time flied!!!! I loved listening to Adrian Underhill's presentation on 'creativity'... I studied from his books and articles during my undergrad (Phonetics course),so it was cool!!!. After a couple of very interesting presentations, some discussion groups were organized to develop the ideas presented. I loved interacting and exchanging different ideas and points of views with people from sundry parts of the world.