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This year we’ll be asking IATEFL Harrogate conference delegates to contribute their own Harrogate Online Roving Reporter reports.

We will be featuring accounts of sessions attended by conference delegates on each day of the event.

If you’re attending the conference and you are interested in writing session reports for the Harrogate Online website, please come to our Harrogate Online studio and we’ll explain what this involves.

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Mentoring: through the eyes of student-teachers

Submitted by Larissa Goulart... on Fri 15 Apr, 11:44

Besime Erkmen looked at student-teachers perception of their mentors. In her context, on northern Cyprus, the role of the mentors is not clear and usually mentors are assigned by headteachers. The student-teachers in her research were students doing a BA in ELT during their TP She analysed how student-teachers used metaphors to define their roles in their weekly-journals, reflective journals and through an open-ended survey.

I'm a non-native English speaker teacher - hear me roar

Submitted by Larissa Goulart... on Fri 15 Apr, 10:16

Dita talked about her experience as non-native English speaker teaching at Oxford. She started her career teaching at a Czech republic school that only hired native speakers, she was the first non-nest teacher but they only gave her basic level students. After some time she applied for teacher positions in Oxford and encountered the same barriers as companies only wanted NEST, finally she got a job teaching in Oxford and now she is a teacher trainer. She said that teachers who go to Oxford to their training expect to find native trainers.

Moving from CELTA to EAP

Submitted by Larissa Goulart... on Fri 15 Apr, 09:46

Andrew Preshous presented his experience as a teacher educator to student-teachers who just finished CELTA and are training to become EAP teachers. Student-teachers stated that the most difficult aspects of this transition were not having knowledge of the content area, not knowing how to promote critical thinking in EAP classes and preparing engaging EAP lessons.

Shifting metaphors from computer input to ecological affordances

Submitted by Larissa Goulart... on Fri 15 Apr, 08:56

Diane Larsen-Freeman presented the implications of using a computer metaphor to discuss language learning and suggested a chance to an ecological metaphor. If we talk in terms of output and input we are using a computer metaphor and this implies that learners are black boxes for us to fulfill. However, if we consider that languages are complex, open and adaptive systems we are adopting an ecological metaphor to talk about language learning. Diane argues that we should think of teaching as creating opportunity for students to use the language in rich contexts.

Diane Larsen-Freeman's plenary

Submitted by Larissa Goulart... on Fri 15 Apr, 08:13

Here at iatefl the first plenary is about to start. Diane Larsen-Freeman is going to talk about Shifting metaphors from computer input to ecological affordances.

New generation courseware> Do ELT coursebooks still have a future?

Submitted by Larissa Goulart... on Thu 14 Apr, 21:51

In this presentation, Caroline Moore went back to the conclusions of her own research on coursebooks in 2010 and compared it to how the coursebook industry actually evolved. In 2010, research pointed out that tablets and Ipads would be the future of coursebooks, however current research shows that students and teachers don't feel comfortable using only online resources and that these gourps prefer a blend of hard copy books and online resources. She finished with the question: Is there a future for coursebooks?

Language Learning Beyond the Classroom

Submitted by Larissa Goulart... on Thu 14 Apr, 21:33

 David Nunan presented two suggestions on how to encourage students to use English outside the classroom. He describes it as a two-way ticket to promote learners autonomy and promote a less teacher centred class


Books presentation: LETs and NESTs

Submitted by Maria Soledad L... on Thu 14 Apr, 21:16

At 3:50 pm, during the coffee break, the British Council presented the book LETs and NESTs: Voices, Views and Vignettes edited by Fiona Copland, Sue Garton and Steve Mann. It explores how Local English Teachers (LETs) and Native English Teachers (NESTs) collaborate in classrooms and their experiences.... different voices from different parts of the world are included...reflection on challenges and practicalities ... intercultural issues... I got a free sample of the book and ...since the three editors were there, I got the book signed by the three of them!!!

Shakespeare believe it or not

Submitted by Maria Soledad L... on Thu 14 Apr, 21:10

This is an evening event at 8pm where Hillary and David Crystal performed on stage a great fun dialogue using Shakespeare's plays ... they introduced Shakesperare in the origins of Iatefl and related it to MacBeth... we revised the names of male and female characters with all the letters of the alphabet; we listened to them play jokes and rap! It was awsome!!! Great closing for the evening!

Forum on ESP course design

Submitted by Maria Soledad L... on Thu 14 Apr, 21:05

Colm Downes, Martin Herles, and Ekaterina Popkova described their their different contexts and ESP courses... Russia, Indonesia, and Vienna.

We learned about how courses for diplomats and military UN peacemakers were designed... how to make accountancy English fun... and the needs of EFL learners in the Law degrees.

Really intresting!!