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This year we’ll be asking IATEFL Harrogate conference delegates to contribute their own Harrogate Online Roving Reporter reports.

We will be featuring accounts of sessions attended by conference delegates on each day of the event.

If you’re attending the conference and you are interested in writing session reports for the Harrogate Online website, please come to our Harrogate Online studio and we’ll explain what this involves.

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ESP panel

Submitted by Maria Soledad L... on Fri 15 Apr, 21:51

ESP teachers from Poland, Switzerland and Ukraine shared their inspirational work on different ESP fields. There were lots of questions and discussions. Their ideas were enlightening and really useful... l loved to see how everything is supported by data from research or literature. Everyone shared their emails to keep in touch and continue networking. Great afternoon event.

Digitizing the EAP classroom

Submitted by Maria Soledad L... on Fri 15 Apr, 21:47

Zoe Gazzeley-Eke explained a task-based activity for engineering students that involved employability skills, ICT and academic English. She shared her students' work and videos. Good suggestions!!!

Grammar for AP

Submitted by Maria Soledad L... on Fri 15 Apr, 21:44

Louise Greenwood presented her research and clearly supported her point: we should focus on teaching our students the grammar that they actually need for AW. She provided clear examples based on corpus analysis. It was a great presentation!!!

Diane Larsen-Freeman plenary session

Submitted by Maria Soledad L... on Fri 15 Apr, 21:40

This was a thought-provoking session... key words? Affordances...scaffolding...ecology of language....ambient language... We, as ESOL teachers, have the committment of helping students to relate to the language of the environment...we teach for adaptaion...

Public school EFL teachers - challenges and proposals

Submitted by Larissa Goulart... on Fri 15 Apr, 16:14

Lavaughn presented about public schools in Brazil. Although 90% of Brazilians surveyed said they studied English in public schools 58% said they had no knowledge of English. Is this a problem with public school education? How is ELTing in public schools in Brazil? Her research looked at the laws related to ELT, interviewed teachers and surveyed agents involved in public education.

Shakespeare in the ELT classroom

Submitted by Larissa Goulart... on Fri 15 Apr, 14:50

This presentation is a combination of lots of things that I love: Shakespeare, ELT and Chris Lima (a former Hornby from Brazil). Her presentation focuses on encouraging teachers to use Shakespeare's texts with students, moving beyond quotes to the analysis and deep understanding of the whole text. In her context at the university of Leicester she teaches EAP courses on Shakespeare for foreigner students. She engages students by making the plays relevant to students, by discussing the topics addressed on the plays and by making it memorable.

Learning academic vocabulary through a discovery-based approach

Submitted by Larissa Goulart... on Fri 15 Apr, 14:00

Nicole Keng discussed her experience as an English teacher in Finland for advanced undergraduate student. Students wanted to learn more about extensive reading and technical vocabulary. So she used sketch engine in class, students had to compile a vocabulary learning profile and students also constructed their own corpora of English based on their class notes.

Guiding EAP learners to autonomously use corpora

Submitted by Larissa Goulart... on Fri 15 Apr, 13:41

Daniel Ruelle presented one experience of using corpora with Vietnamese students. He decided to use corpora in the classroom because it promotes learner autonomy and it raises students awareness specially showing to students that direct translation doesn't work to produce English for different contexts. He used Netspeak which is a very user friendly website and linggle which allows students to search by parts of speech. All his slides are available on j.MP/iateflcorpora

Exploring EAP teachers' familiarity and experiences of corpora

Submitted by Larissa Goulart... on Fri 15 Apr, 13:26

Rachel Peacock presented how EAP teachers' perceive and use corpora in the classroom. In her survey most teachers never used corpora because they did not know it existed or did not know how to use it. Teachers surveyed said that they recommended some Corpus related sites to students but analysing the websites the researcher perceived that they weren't user friendly.

David Crystal is on the iatefl stand

Submitted by Larissa Goulart... on Fri 15 Apr, 12:33

I've just got an autograph by David Crystal who is at the IATEFL stand.