Meet our Online Presenters

Rob Lewis, Kirsteen Donaghy, Nik Peachey

We're delighted to welcome back our presenters Kirsteen, Nik and Rob for another IATEFL Online. Our presenters will be doing live interviews from the IATEFL Online studio - starting at around 10.00am (UK time) on each day of the conference. Tune in on Tuesday 12 April for the start of our live coverage from Birmingham.

If you have any questions for the team, please post a comment in the box below.


Kirsteen Donaghy
I’m an E-learning Consultant with the British Council. This means I manage and develop TeachingEnglish online tools for continuing professional development for teachers. This is my seventh year with IATEFL Online and I absolutely love our unique experience at IATEFL as we get to discuss the headlining changes in ELT directly with the key speakers at the conference. It's a great way to taste what's going on in the conference and provide lots and lots of ideas and food for thought to teachers who couldn't make it to the conference in person.

Rob Lewis
I'm a freelance trainer, writer and consultant. Birmingham is my eighth year working with the IATEFL Online team, and just as in previous years, I'm looking forward to speaking to presenters and delegates from a range of backgrounds around the world during the conference - both familiar and new faces.


Nik Peachey
I am Head of Learning at EnglishUp an online school delivering lessons to students in Brazil and Colombia. I started working as a teacher in the early 90s and have worked all over the world as a teacher, CELTA and DELTA trainer as well as a technology trainer and project manager. I have worked for most of the established ELT publishers as well as companies like International House, British Council, Bell Educational Services and Google. I am co-editor with Alan Maley of Creativity in the English language classroom. I also authored: Digital Video - A manual for language teachers10 Lessons in digital literacy and Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers.




Hi Kirsteen, Rob & Nik,

We're sure selection of those to be interviewed is not an easy process. One presentation on Friday 15th, toward the end of the conference (16:50-17:20), that would be valuable to highlight through interview is  A UK-Palestine online EAP collaboration for science graduates / Bill Guariento & Anna Rolinska (University of Glasgow): >We outline a pilot EAP collaboration between students at the University of Glasgow and at the Islamic University of Gaza. Maintaining contact via Facebook, students in Glasgow researched a range of engineering-related challenges facing Gaza. The project ended successfully, with a subject-specific essay, and video-conferenced presentations. We hope that future collaborations will offer more to our Palestinian partners.<  

Both Bill and Anna would be very interested in being interviewed, given the unique character of their project bridging online via FB between U Glasgow and a major university in Gaza. Because their presentation comes so late in the conference (Session 3.6) --and esp. since our Gaza colleagues and their students find it virtually impossible to attend any conference outside of Gaza -- it would be great if an interview with Bill and Anna could be scheduled. Perhaps even before their actual presentation, or as you see fit. Anna is also on the IATEFL Electronic Committee.

Best wishes with your work for the conference

B.T. (Bulgaria)

Hi Bill - thanks for the suggestion. We'll see how the schedule works out. Many thanks again. Julian