Live Schedule

Live Schedule

On each day of the conference, we'll be providing the morning plenary live via Glasgow IATEFL Online.
We'll also be providing live coverage throughout the day where you'll be able to watch interviews live from the Glasgow IATEFL Online studio.

Join us at 09.00 (UK time) each day for all the latest from IATEFL 2017.

You will be able to watch live coverage throughout the day statring at 09.00 (UK time). Our daily coverage includes live interviews and all the latest from the Birmingham IATEFL Online studio. - See more at:
You will be able to watch live coverage throughout the day statring at 09.00 (UK time). Our daily coverage includes live interviews and all the latest from the Birmingham IATEFL Online studio. - See more at:

As well as our live interviews and the 6 plenary sessions, you will be able to watch over 40 conference sessions. These session videos will be published throughout the conference.

Please see details of the live schedule below.


Friday 7th April

0900-1000 Opening Plenary by Jane Setter
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Silvana RichardsonWhere angels fear to tread: intonation in English language teaching

Intonation is one of the earliest acquired aspects of speech; the crymelodies of infants are influenced by the intonation of their mothers, and very small toddlers are able to use intonation to indicate turntaking patterns in play conversations before they can form words. It plays a vital role in successful communication in English, as it does in other languages. If this is true, why is intonation neglected in English language pronunciation teaching, and how can it be taught effectively?

This presentation takes the audience into the seldom-navigated region of intonation in English language teaching, focusing on the role of three main elements: tonality, tonicity and tone. Drawing on material from a number of different sources, we explore the role of intonation in English, and look at which elements are teachable, which are learnable, what resources are available to the teacher and the learner, and how intonation might be approached in the English language classroom and as a self-access learning activity. Expect a multimedia, audience participation experience.

1310-1410 Closing Plenary by Imtiaz Dharker
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Imtiaz DharkerOver the moon​

Imtiaz Dharker will read from her new Glasgow poems as well as Over the Moon. These are poems about music and feet, church bells, beds, café tables, bad language and sudden silence. In contrast with her previous work written amidst the hubbub of India, these new poems are mostly set in Britain, where she has built a new life with – and since the death of – her husband Simon Powell.



Thursday 6th April

0900-1000 Opening Plenary by JJ Wilson
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JJ WilsonELT and social justice: opportunities in a time of chaos​

In this plenary, I will look at the arguments for including social justice issues in ELT classrooms. I will summarise the literature, referencing major theorists such as John Dewey, Paulo Freire, and bell hooks. I will also examine relevant ideas and movements: critical pedagogy and conscientização; participatory teaching/learning; problem-posing and dialogic methods; “poor man’s pedagogy”; service learning; and “the banking method” versus education as the practice of freedom. Moving from theory to practice, I will then show ways in which teachers can include social justice issues in the classroom. These activities include drama, poetry, images, community projects, and so on. I will conclude with some remarks about professional development and the concept of education for social justice. I will stress that the ideas in this talk are not a methodology or a recipe for becoming a better teacher. They are a “way of being”. Each idea, each activity
must be made afresh, re-created every time the teacher steps into the classroom.

Wednesday 5th April

0900-1000 Opening Plenary by Sarah Mercer
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Sarah MercerConnecting minds: language learner and teacher psychologies​

Language learning is a deeply social and emotional undertaking for both teachers and learners. In this talk, I wish to reflect on the fundamental role played by psychology in the learning and teaching of foreign languages. Far from being an optional extra in the teaching and learning debate, we will see just how crucial an understanding of psychology is, given that people and their relationships lie at the heart of the teaching/learning interaction. While teaching materials and specific methodologies remain vitally important, it is impossible to reap the full benefits offered by such resources without those involved being psychologically in a facilitative frame of mind. 

Together we will consider some of the foundations of a healthy psychology in the language classroom for both teachers and learners. We will assume a socially situated understanding of psychology that challenges the division between cognition and emotion as well as the emphasis on the individual in isolation. We will focus on the centrality of social relationships, especially the connection between teachers and learners, and the role of perception in engagement with contextual opportunities. We will cover diverse aspects of psychology such as beliefs, emotions, sense of self, agency and engagement. Specifically, we will consider how we can help learners to connect mentally and emotionally to their language learning and how we can support teachers to ensure a positive level of professional well-being in their jobs. In sum, this talk aims to focus our minds on what matters most in language education: The people.

Tuesday 4th April

0900-1020 Opening Plenary by Gabriel Diaz Maggioli
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Gabriel Diaz MaggioliEmpowering teachers through continued professional development: frameworks, practices and promises​

The notion that language teachers need ongoing professional development opportunities should be considered a harmless platitude. Yet, as the field stands now, most of our colleagues are not provided with such opportunities as parts of their jobs. How is it then that we hear so many wonderful tales of exploration and discovery? Teachers have taken upon themselves to build these growth opportunities. In this plenary I will share some stories, and weave the plots of new stories to come by presenting a “state of the art” hawk eye view of professional development and recommending potential ways in which colleagues can help colleagues learn and develop.


17:25 - 18:30 British Council Signature Event
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Language for Resilience

Speakers: Syrian Refugee Stakeholders (names to be confirmed). Moderated by Mike Solly.
The British Council has the pleasure of inviting you to attend the follow up to our report launch of ‘Language for Resilience’. The report examines the role that language can play in enhancing the resilience of Syrian refugees and hostcommunities. The ‘Language for Resilience’ report was commissioned in response to the unprecedented effects of the Syrian refugee crisis and brings together information gathered though interviews with refugees, host communities and those working to support them, with lessons learned from past and on-going British Council language programming in conflict and post-conflict areas. Key practitioners and Syrian refugee stakeholders will share their thoughts on the role of language in enhancing the resilience of individuals and communities affected by crisis.



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 I'm looking forward to attending every session (hope my Internet connection will work those days!)

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I also hope my Internet connection will work!

Do I understand properly that I need to have an account on this site and that's enough to watch videos and participate? :) A little bit nervous not to do something and miss such a wonderful opportunity :)

Hi - you don't need to do anything else - our coverage starts Tuesday 12 April around 12.00 (UK time) vistir this site then an you'll be able to follow the live coverage

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I am waiting for participation.It is going to be an exciting time.

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We understand that for the majority of teachers the opportunity to attend the IATEFL conference is a dream. For those unable to attend we hope to offer a 'taste' of the conference online. The coverage is free and we hope to be able to present a good number of sessions and live coverage throughout the day.

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How appropriate to call it "a 'taste' of the conference online" and to term it a dream of many Teachers worldwide who really do dream of attending such an international event, I for one!

Yet every year, no matter how hard I try to 'fix' my agenda, it always seems to steer me off course for any route towards attending! However, as always, I will be more than keen to attend the live meets as much as is feasible (dependant on workload and connectivity) and look forward to gaining more insight into the Teaching profession than ever.

Good luck to all participants and Speakers! Not to forget the Online Presenters!! Thank you for your commitment to making our viewing an event!


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Looking forward to taking part in such a great conference! A quick overview at the program shows how interesting the event is going to be!
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Looking forward to attend on-line these outstanding conferences .  I appreciate very much the opportunity to being updated.

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Hello, My name's Rizgar from Iraq. Kurdistan. I am an Assistant Researcher at college of Education English Department Salahaddin University. Me and all our teaching and academic stuff will attend this conference through a data show from a live channell.

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The conference starts at 12 UK.

Hi Rizgar - please join us at 12.00 (UK time) today for the start of our live coverage. 

The live coverage will appear on our home page so this is the link you need:

Best wishes and we hope you enjoy our coverage of IATEFL 2016

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I am looking forward to attend online conferences................Can't wait any more please...........

Live coverage starts at 12.00 (UK time) today.

The live coverage will appear on our home page so this is the link you need:

Best wishes and we hope you enjoy our coverage of IATEFL 2016

- See more at:

Can't get there this year after so many in a row, so really looking forward to this, thanks so much


I wushed I were there so I can attend the sessions in reality!

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I am interested in participating in the live conference, but was unable to connect yesterday,  Can someone help with how to connect today?


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Greetings from India! Thanks a lot for making it possible for us to attend the conference online. It's great that other sessions besides plenary talks will be streamed. I hope these include the 'How to' sessions by Jeremy Day, Graham Hall, Madeleine du Vivier and others. It'd help those of us who dream to join the conference in person. 

Thanks for the great session. David Crystal is a linguistic who inspires to create and to study English more and harder.

Useful information about face-to-face vs Online learning. Thanks for Cambridge guide for Blended learning, especially, 12 check list question

 I am waiting for participation.

Shame we can't watch the plenaries and talks at a later time like last year. We are all in different time zones and with different work times... :( 

All the sessions from day 1 and day 2 of the conference as well as all the interviewis are available for watching on demand on the website.

IATEFL Online Team

It is such a pity we don't get to have access to recordings of past sessions as we had last year. We are all in diverse time zones and with all the work with have to do it makes it difficult to watch the sessions live!

We, in Brazil, hope that the BC will upload the past sessions shortly. We've missed too much already!


All the sessions from day 1 and day 2 of the conference as well as all the interviewis are available for watching on demand on the website.

IATEFL Online Team