All the interviews we recorded at the IATEFL Conference were broadcast live from our online studio. All our video interviews are available here for you to access in your own time.

Saturday 16 April
Time Title Interview description
12:00 Meet the IATEFL Online Team

Carol Read (IATEFL) and Julian Wing (British Council) talk about this year's conference and say goodbye to the online viewers.

11:50 Interview with Sanja Bozinovic

Sanja talks about steps the Croatian teaching association branches have taken to increase membership and the activities they organise. She also described her work with learners and how she uses mindcraft in English lessons.

11:30 Interview with Nik Peachey

Nik reflects on the plenary from Scott Thornbury.

11:20 Interview with Glenda Smart

Glenda speaks to Nik about her career with IATEFL.

11:00 Interview with Lindsay Clandfield

Lindsay speaks about his talk this year - probably the only one at IATEFL with the word ‘zombie’ in its title: English for Zombie Apocalypse.

10:50 Interview with Margit Szesztay

Margit talked about her sessions on how to encourage collaboration rather than competition in the classroom and her new role as Vice President of IATEFL.

10:20 Interview with Philip Kerr

Philip talks to Rob about the ELT Conversation at this year’s conference, which was about industry-oriented trends in ELT.

Friday 15 April
Time Title Interview description
16:30 Interview with Margaret Johnson

Margaret, an Extensive Reading Foundation Language Learning Literature award winner, talks about her award-winning book, and how she got into writing.

16:20 Interview with Janet Hardy-Gould

Janet hardy Gould was talking about her extensive reading award and the relevance of graded readers in the digital age.

15:50 Interview with Andrew Wright

Andrew shares some creative classroom activities that are practical and easy to apply to a number of teaching scenarios.

15:20 Q&A with Margit Szesztay, Scott Thornbury and Hugh Dellar

The panel answer questions for the live stream and Facebook audiences and cover areas such as the constraints teachers face and how they can overcome them, when and how to push learners and how teachers can use their intuition and 'tool belt' of...

14:50 Interview with Jack C Richards

Jack C Richards talked about some of the changes in teaching and publishing that are taking place as a result of increased use of technology

14:30 Interview with Isora Enriquez O’Farrill

Isora talks about the increased demand for English language in Cuba, and the changes happening in English language teaching to meet that demand.

14:20 Interview with Shaun Wilden

Shaun wilden talked about his work with the learning technology sig and some of the events and technological innovations taking place in ELT

14:00 Interview with Jeremy Harmer

Jeremy talks about how coursebooks, despite criticism, can be more useful now than ever before. Jeremy also briefly mentions his experiences in the role of Global Goodwill Ambassador for IATEFL.

12:50 Interview with Manisha Dak and Anupama Ghai

Manisha and Anupama, from British Council India, talk about approaches to teacher and learner training, to meet the increasing demand for English for employability.

12:30 Interview with Neenaz Ichaporia

Ninaz talks about the challenges of running blended learning course for English language learners in India.

12:20 Interview with Ruma Rebecca Rodrigues and Zakia Sultana (English in Action, Bangladesh)

Rebecca and Zakia talk about the English in Action project, supporting English language education in Bangladesh.

12:00 Interview with Diane Larsen-Freeman

Diana talks a little more about the complex theory in language acquisition with some practical steps teachers can take to meet individual and group needs.

11:30 Interview with Scott Thornbury

Scott Thornbury talked about his plenary on 50 years of IATEFL and some of the methodological changes that have taken place.

11:20 Interview with Kath Bilsborough and Ceri Jones

Kath and Ceri talk about materials writing, teaching ‘barefoot’ with beginners and developments in the world of materials writing.

11:00 Interview with Vicky Saumell

Vicky talks about the Learning Technologies SIG and the changes that have happened in the world of learning technologies.

10:50 Interview with Burcu Akyol and Marek Kiczkowiak

Burcu and Marek talked about some the the issues surrounding non native teachers in ELT and the development of the website.

10:30 Post-plenary discussion with Nik and Rob
Thursday 14 April
Time Title Interview description
16:20 Interview with Amadeu Marin

Amadeu Martin talks about using new technologies with his students in Spain and his efforts to implement a BYOD approach to using technology in class.

16:00 Interview with Neil McLaren

Neil, the British Council’s’ Social Community Manager, talks about the kind of activities the British Council provides to its social media communities, as well as how this experience has fed into the development of the British Council’s series of...

15:50 Interview with Harisimran Sandhu

Hari talked about fluency activities and the importance of understanding cognitive processing.

15:30 Interview with Ben Gray & Seamus Harkin

Ben and Seamus talk about the work they do with teachers and universities to teach English in fragile environments.

15:20 Interview with Judy Boyle

Judy, founder of, talks about the education work they do with youth to raise awareness of human trafficking and slavery through art, dance and multimedia events.

15:00 Interview with Melanie Aplin

Melanie Aplin talks about her work with the English Speaking Union and their efforts to promote international understanding through English.

14:50 Interview with Sandy Millin, Chia Suan Chong (and Natalie)

Sandy and Chia talk about managing time effectively, blogging and the intrinsic benefits afforded by taking responsibility for your own continuing professional development.

14:30 Interview with Kieran Donaghy and Lizzie Pinard

Lizzie and Kieran discuss listening in an EAP context and using video to develop narratives in the ELT classroom.

14:20 Interview with Thorsten Merse

Thorsten, from LMU Munich, talks about a training course he has developed to support teachers entering the profession in acknowledging sexual and gender diversity in their work.

14:00 Interview with Larissa Goulart da Silva & Maria Soledad Loutayf & Praphatsorn Wongchaiwa (Hornby scholars)

Praphatsorn, Larissa and Maria Soledad talk about some of the issues their countries face in supporting the growing need for English language learning.

12:50 Interview with Roohi Malik

Roohi, English Projects Manager for the British Council in Lebanon, talks about an ongoing British Council/Institute Français project to support local schools as they absorb a large influx of Syrian refugee children.

12:30 Interview with Carol Read

Carol read talks about her work over the last 4 years with IATEFL and the new digital innovations that have been introduced.

12:20 Interview with Vuyokazi Makubalo & Pipit Suharto & Urmila Khaled (Hornby scholar)

Vuyokazi, Pipit and Urmila are three Hornby scholars who talk about the change initiatives they'd like to see in South Africa, Indonesia and Bangladesh including teacher educator development, teaching reflective practices and creating localized course...

12:00 Interview with Adrian Underhill

Adrian talks about the often undervalued role of improvisation in the classroom, and how teachers and institutions might recognise its importance.

11:50 Interview with Alireza Safar (Hornby scholar)

Alireza talks about the Hornby panel discussion on teaching practices across a number of countries and focuses on practical teacher training in Iran and the differences between MAs in the UK and Iran.

11:30 Interview with Shaike Francis Sefalane (Hornby scholar)

Shaike talks about plans for a national association of teachers of English in South Africa, as well as the work of the teacher association in his own province, Eastern Cape.

11:20 Interview with Andrew Foster

Andrew foster talked about the challenges and rewards of teacher development programs on the occupied Palestinian Territories.

11:00 Interview with Nick Bilbrough

Nick talks about the Hands up project which uses storytelling and drama to teach English in fragile environments such as the Palestine Territories. Nick leads in teacher training and has created a British Council book for teachers.

10:50 Interview with Wendy Arnold & Coralyn Bradshaw

Wendy and Coralyn talked about educational reform and how to initiate sustainable reform and training projects.

Wednesday 13 April
Time Title Interview description
16:50 End of day round up

Rob, Nik and Kirsteen round up the day, looking back at some of the interviews.

16:10 Interview with Tim Phillips

Tim talks about Continuing Professional Development in schools, the responsibilities and steps teachers can take throughout their careers and some of the areas that school leads agree and disagree in CPD models and English language teaching policies...

16:00 Interview with Alan Maley

Alan talked about his work with the C Group and their efforts to encourage more creativity in English language classroom. He presented a free book published by the British Council.

15:30 Interview with Parwiz Hossain and Shoaib Jawad

… talk about their projects in Afghanistan including a large scale project they have teaching military and general English. They discuss the learning context and achievements.

15:10 Interview with Gail Ellis

Gail talks about using picturebooks as a resource to promote learner autonomy children’s early language learning. She mentions a free, downloadable book to support teachers in using picturebooks, ‘Tell it again!’ which you can download on the...

15:00 Interview with Hornby scholars: Mohammed Bashir and Abdallah Yousif

Mohammed Bashir & Abdallah Yousif talked about their experiences as Hornby Scholars and the attitudes and challenges of teaching students in Sudan.

14:40 Interview with Hornby scholars: Allwyn D'costa and Erkin Mukhammedor

Allwyn and Erkin talk about the similarities and differences they face in supporting English language teachers in their countries, India and Uzbekistan.

14:30 Interview with David Crystal

David Crystal talked about his plenary session this morning and about the English language constantly changing and evolving. He also talked about some of his recent books and the writing and research process.

14:20 Interview with Tessa Woodward

Tessa talks about the evolution of resources and materials for trainers. Looking back at when she started the Teacher Trainer Journal thirty years ago and how the journal has evolved and yet maintained some of its features.

14:00 Interview with Hugh Dellar

Hugh talks about the changing needs of language learners, and how teachers might best respond to meet those needs.

12:50 Interview with George Pickering

Nik talks to George Pickering about the challenges of managing virtual teams and the key to making those teams successful.

12:30 Interview with Gavin Dudeney

Gavin speaks about AQUEDUTO - a framework for evaluating online teacher training courses. You can find out more at

12:10 Interview with Jim Scrivener

Jim talks about shaking up teacher training by simplifying messages and allowing more personal, deeper thought and exploration in practice. Trainers can start with a naive seed of thought and teach teachers how to confidently explore their own...

12:00 Interview with Silvana Richardson

Silvana Richardson talked about her upcoming plenary which looks at the issue of discrimination in ELT and the ongoing bias against non native speaker teachers.

11:40 Interview with Zeynep Urkun

Zeynep, who is an IATEFL Trustee, talks about the relevance of David Crystal’s opening plenary for English language teachers.

11:30 Interview with Adam Kightley

Adam, who runs the British Council’s LearnEnglish website, talks about how the site is changing and helping learners to access its content.

11:10 Interview with Pete Sharma

We talked about teacher2writer a website that helps teachers make the transition to becoming materials writers and the emergence of Virtual Reality and its potential impact on education.

10:50 Interview with Nicky Hockly

Nicky talks about the different levels that every teacher will use blended learning in the near future. She gives some examples of blended models that teachers may use and refers to a checklist you can use to ensure your approach is effective.

10:30 Live studio starts

Rob and Nik reflect on David Crystal’s opening plenary.

Tuesday 12 April
Time Title Interview description
16:00 End of day round-up

Rob, Nik and Kirsteen round up the day, looking back at some of the interviews.

15:10 Interview with Herbert Puchta

Herbert Puchta talks about the ‘response ability’ and ‘responsibility’ when teaching teens. Using evidence from neuro-biology, Herbert looks at the role of the teacher to better understand teens and how to select topics in the classroom.

15:00 Interview with David Nunan

David talks about a project he's currently involved in, using blended and digital learning to bring high quality English language education to young learners in rural areas across Asia.

14:50 Interview with Andy Curtis

Nik talks to Andy Curtis, president of TESOL, about some of the work that TESOL does internationally and some of the key differences and similarities between the organisations.

14:10 Interview with Marjorie Rosenberg

Marjorie talks about project awards and opportunities for funding for teacher Associates and the work IATEFL special interest groups are doing with local associates globally.

14:00 Interview with Lisa Peter

Rob talks to Lisa Peter, from The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, about how Shakespeare's work can be relevant for language learners around the world.

12:40 Interview with Anna Searle

Anna Searle we talked about British Council's attempts to extend their reach beyond the major cities and their attitudes to recruiting native and non native speakers.

12:30 Q&A with Rob and Kirsteen

Rob and Kirsteen answer questions from viewers about the IATEFL Online coverage of the conference.

12:20 Interview with Julie Pratten

Nik interviews Julie Pratten about her Heart ELT initiative to raise funds and develop materials for Syrian refugees in Iraq. To find out more about this project go to

12:00 Meet the interviewers

The presenters welcome you to the pre-conference day of IATEFL 2016 and discuss themes that are coming this week, the plenaries and signature events that will be available on IATEFL online.