Rob Lewis

Welcome to Birmingham Online with Rob

Watch Rob’s welcome from Birmingham, with information on what you can follow on IATEFL online this year, and when we get started with the first interviews and live-streaming.





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Live Schedule

Live Schedule

On each day of the conference, you will be able to watch the morning plenary live, here, on the Glasgow IATEFL Online website.
You will be able to watch live coverage throughout the day starting at 09.00 (UK time). Our daily coverage includes live interviews and all the latest from the Glasgow IATEFL Online studio.

As well as our live interviews, you will also be able to watch over 40 conference sessions. These session videos will be published throughout the conference.  

Rob Lewis, Kirsteen Donaghy, Nik Peachey

Meet our Online Presenters

We're delighted to welcome back our presenters Kirsteen, Nik and Rob for another IATEFL Online. Our presenters will be doing live interviews from the IATEFL Online studio - starting at around 10.00am (UK time) on each day of the conference. Tune in on Tuesday 12 April for the start of our live coverage from Birmingham.  


Calling all ELT Bloggers

Becoming a Birmingham IATEFL Online Registered Blogger

Each year we invite ELT bloggers to report on the IATEFL Conference and become an IATEFL Online 'Registered Blogger'. As an IATEFL Online Registered Blogger, you'll be expected to write 2 or 3 blog posts (or more if you like!) during the conference. Registered Bloggers have the opportunity to embed IATEFL Online video content and write blog reports based on the video interviews or sessions we feature as part of IATEFL Online.