Tuesday 14 April
Time Venue Title Presenter(s)
11:10 Charter 2 - 3 Biz15 Byte-sized Business English Mike Hogan
10:30 Charter 2 - 3 Virtually unknown: web conferences as a tool for teacher development Caroline Moore
10:30 Exchange Hall IATEFL SIGNATURE EVENT David Crystal
9:00 Exchange Hall Plenary by Harry Kuchah Harry Kuchah
Monday 13 April
Time Venue Title Presenter(s)
19:30 Charter 1 Extensive Reading Foundation Awards Ceremony
18:00 Charter 4 Do you love the theatre as we do? Olga Vavelyuk
18:00 Charter 2 - 3 Bringing corpus research into the language classroom Jane Templeton
16:40 Charter 4 Social learning: motivating students to use English through social technology Catherine Whitaker
16:40 Charter 2 - 3 Implementing blended learning: an institutional view Eric Baber
15:40 Charter 4 An engaged tone: how ELT might handle the ‘EdTech revolution’ Nick Robinson
11:30 Charter 1 FORUM ON ONLINE LEARNING PLATFORMS Chris Cavey, Eleanor Clements, Tam Connors-Sadek, Peter Davidson
11:30 Charter 2-3 ELTJ SIGNATURE EVENT Graham Hall
10:30 Charter 4 Teaching children how to learn Gail Ellis, Nayr Ibrahim
10:30 Exchange 1 Research into practice: revisiting some ‘old-fashioned’ notions in pronunciation teaching Pamela Rogerson-Revell
9:00 Exchange Hall Plenary session by Ann Cotton Ann Cotton
Sunday 12 April
Time Venue Title Presenter(s)
17:10 Charter 4 FORUM ON USING ONLINE RESOURCES FOR TEACHER DEVELOPMENT Ellen Darling, John Arnold, Gayle Norman
17:10 Exchange 9 FORUM ON DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES ON FEEDBACK Anna Hasper, Christopher Smith
15:50 Exchange 9 Successfully implementing effective flipped or blended learning: a StudyBundles approach Daniel Hinkley
15:10 Language-supportive education in English medium-of-instruction contexts John Simpson
14:20 Exchange 1 Raising scores: gamification activities for test preparation teachers Christien Lee
14:20 Exchange Hall Reading and listening activities: understanding today or understanding tomorrow? Catherine Walter
12:30 Charter 1 How does just chatting become a purposeful conversation? Candy Van Olst
11:50 Charter 2-3 Cambridge English Signature Event Scott Thornbury, Silvana Richardson, Jeanne McCarten, Monica Poulter
11:50 Charter 4 Teaching @ the edge of chaos Adrian Tennant
10:30 Charter 4 Practical advice on creating authentic Medical English listening materials Sheila Thorn
9:00 Plenary by Joy Egbert Joy Egbert
Saturday 11 April
Time Venue Title Presenter(s)
18:00 Charter 2-3 Engaging parents in their children’s English language learning Karen Saxby
17:10 Exchange 9 BRITISH COUNCIL SIGNATURE EVENT John Tomsett, Ines Kayon de Miller, Anthony Gaughan, Clare Woodward
17:10 Where are we now? Current teaching paradigms in pre-service training Bill Harris
15:50 Exchange 1 Developing teacher language awareness Daniel Xerri, Odette Vassallo
15:10 Charter 2-3 Appropriate strategies for teaching grammar – a Dave Willis retrospective Jane Willis
15:10 Exchange Hall An uncertain and approximate business? Why teachers should love testing Jeremy Harmer
14:10 Exchange Hall ETTE: tracing the impacts of a large-scale ELT project Sue Leather
14:10 Charter 4 The playful approach: activating children's self-learning language strategies Opal Dunn
12:00 Exchange 9 PEARSON SIGNATURE EVENT Adam Black, John de Jong, Ian Wood
12:00 Exchange Hall Forum on approaches to developing reading skills Peter Watkins, David Petrie, Michael Green
9:00 Exchange Hall Plenary by Donald Freeman Donald Freeman
8:00 Exchange Hall Opening address by Carol Read Carol Read