Session description

Ellen Darling
John Arnold
Gayle Norman

Session details:

Exploiting seminar and conference videos for professional development and training development and training

Ellen Darling (British Council)
Websites such as EnglishAgenda, TeachingEnglish and IATEFL-Online provide significant developmental opportunities through freely-available conference and seminar recordings. In this presentation, I will look at ways to exploit these talks more effectively. Participants will take away practical ideas for pre-, while- and post-watching activities for use on their own and in teacher training contexts.

Theory at home, practice in class

John Arnold (Thomas More University College)
Blended learning and flipped classrooms are becoming more popular in secondary schools. Therefore, teacher trainers need to experience this model first-hand. This year, I 'flipped' or 'blended' my teacher training courses. This talk focuses on the how (the structure, tools), the what (the content), and the results (student reactions).

Experiences of a webinarian

Gayle Norman (i-to-i TEFL)
Teacher training sessions when teachers are all over the world can pose challenges! A year hosting teacher training webinars has seen me go from being a tutor intimidated by this fast-growing area of technology, to one who’s embracing the opportunity to reach students all over the gl