Session description

Chris Cavey
Eleanor Clements
Tam Connors-Sadek
Peter Davidson

Session details:

What the MOOC? Managing the massive online course

Chris Cavey & Eleanor Clements (British Council)
Run in partnership with FutureLearn, the British Council’s first MOOC (massive open online course), Exploring English: language and culture, attracted over 100,000 learner registrations. This talk will look at the ways course design and management tried to engage and retain students for the duration of the course. How do we make MOOC participants feel comfortable in their classroom?

Using Google sites to support teachers in multiple locations

Tam Connors-Sadek (The University of Sheffield)
How can you manage 99 teachers over six locations more effectively? This presentation explains. In 2014, The University of Sheffield set up a Google site to enable International Summer School teachers to access all course news and information, and give ongoing feedback throughout the summer. This system, which could be accessed on different platforms 24/7, was our solution.

MOOC mania: implications for English language teaching

Peter Davidson (Zayed University)
MOOCs (massive open online courses) have the potential to totally revolutionise education. The purpose of this mainly theoretical talk is to consider whether or not the mania surrounding MOOCs is justified or not, to analyse the benefits and shortcomings of MOOCs, and to discuss the implications that MOOCs will have on English language teaching.