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Anna Hasper
Christopher Smith

Session details:

Managing mindsets: an approach to providing effective feedback

Anna Hasper (Wellington, New Zealand)
This interactive talk explores why language feedback often seems to have a limited impact on learners’ performance. I will explore Carol Dweck's (2006) 'fixed and growth mindsets' and present practical ideas on how to provide more effective feedback to fully enable learners, and enhance their learning, by creating a growth mindset culture in the classroom.

Error correction for speaking: an evidence-based approach

Christopher Smith (English Language Teaching Centre, The University of Sheffield)
Error correction for speaking is often knocked for being ineffective or embarrassing. This talk will first outline the state of current research, which shows that error correction works. It will then relate the results of a large survey of EAP students about their attitudes to correction, using this to offer a practical, evidence-based approach to error correction.