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Peter Watkins
David Petrie
Michael Green

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Revisiting reading

Peter Watkins (University of Portsmouth)
This talk starts with the premise that the teaching of reading skills has changed little over the last few years, with a fairly predictable staging sequence to most lessons. We will consider not only what we do when we teach reading, but also why we do it. Alternatives to the presumed norm are then suggested.

Reason to read: a genre-specific development approach to reading

David Petrie (Freelance)
This talk argues that the standard approach to reading in ELT is ineffective and that tasks which reflect a broader range of genres and more realistic reasons for reading are preferable. It demonstrates some of these tasks and reports on the results of a research project which attempted to validate such an approach.

Practical ways to develop fluency in L2 reading

Michael Green (Kansai Gaidai University)
What do we mean by ‘fluent reading’ and how can we encourage it in the classroom? In this session, participants will sample a variety of simple exercises that develop the skills which form the foundation of fluent reading. These skills are applicable to all levels of L 2 readers in many different teaching contexts.


Thank you for your resourses.I'm in China, however, I can't watch online videos. I was wondering what the problem is.  

We're really sorry for it, it's a firewall issue, I'm afraid. We're working with our colleagues in China to make the recordings of the sessions and videos available for our Chinese viewers after the conference. Thank you for your patience.

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Monika / Manchester Online Team


Great sharing! mostly when we think that reading is more than a skill is a competence. It involves the other language skills as well as other major competences like creativity,solve-problem,etc. A big hug from Peru,


The volume of this video is very low. Can it be enhanced, so that we can hear more clearly? 


Hi Anjali - yes - we're aware of the issues with the audio for this video. We're going to see if we can fix that. Apologies in the meantime

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