Engaging parents in their children’s English language learning

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Karen Saxby

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Karen Saxby (Cambridge English)
What role can parents play in supporting their children to learn English and how can they promote the learning messages from the classroom at home? I will look at parents' concerns, making suggestions about how these might be addressed, showing how the Young Learners exams and comprehensive support package provides learners with the very best start in their learning journey.


Olesya Novikova's picture

Karen, thank you so much! You are awesome! The next thing I am going to do is provide my teachers with all these great ideas. And now I know exactly what I want my parents to understand about their kids' process of language learning. So many questions were answered. Thank you again!

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Thanks for your comment Olesya. I'm very glad you found the session useful. My main message, I guess, is that I think we tend to forget that language learning isn't just another  academic exercise... it's an expression... a personal expression... our most important social tool. We might also forget by how much parents really can really help in this language learning experience. They are in the unique position of KNOWING the child and KNOWING how that child will best respond to encouragement and one to one attention at home. I hope to share more ideas at a future event. Thanks again for your post! Warm wishes, Karen