Appropriate strategies for teaching grammar – a Dave Willis retrospective

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Jane Willis

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Jane Willis (Freelance)
Some grammar is straightforward and can be explained and demonstrated through rules. Some is highly complex - we need to give guidelines and provide opportunities for development. We need different teaching strategies appropriate to different aspects of grammar. We will look at some grammatical problems and explore appropriate teaching strategies. This draws on the presentation Dave planned for IATEFL 2014.


Really, I have gained a lot from this presentation. Thanks IATEFL.

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it was  like blessing having u 

The activity with blanks would generate so many different sorts of practises for the learners to internalize the chunks. That was great. Thanks a lot.

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Thanks for the presentation. I believe "creativity" is the word: language learners (as well as "native speakers") are always improvising, a bit like jazz musicians, looking for "their own voice, their own way"...

Thanks again

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This session has  answered my question why learners are not able to implement the grammar points correctly.

Thank  you IATEFL .