All the interviews we recorded at the IATEFL Conference were broadcast live from our online studio. All our video interviews are available here for you to access in your own time.

Tuesday 14 April
Time Title Interview description
11:50 Interview with Evelyn Ojeda Naveda

Evelyn talks about her role within the Venezuelan teachers association VENTESol and how they work in difficult circumstances to develop teachers around the country.

11:30 Interview with Liliana Esther Simon

Liliana talks about Digital Corner which is a resource centre that scaffolds teachers' use of technologies in the classroom in Argentina. Liliana also shares her experience winning a scholarship to come to IATEFL this year.

11:20 Interview with Sophia Mavridi

Sophia talks about digital identity and the importance of managing our digital identities as teachers and helping our students to understand the importance of this.

11:00 Interview with Dr Lina Mukhopadhyay

Lina talks about the Survey of ELT Research in India, a project which aims to gather information on research related to ELT that’s been carried out since 2005.

Monday 13 April
Time Title Interview description
17:10 Interview with Nicola Prentis and Russel Mayne

They talked about research they had done into gender equality and bias particularly among the range of conference speakers on the regular ELT circuit.

17:10 Interview with Michael Austen

Michael is a winner of one of this year's Extensive Reading Foundation awards, and talks about his winning title, 'A Dangerous Sky'.

17:10 Interview with Luke Meddings

Luke talked about his efforts to maKe pronunciation practice more fun and relaxing for students. He demonstrates and interesting practice activity involving chewing gum. 

17:10 Interview with Martin Peacock

Martin talks about digital and mobile content for teachers and learners available from the British Council and how their product development process has changed over the years. This year new products include apps and resources with Timmy Time for very...

17:00 Interview with Thom Kiddle

Tom talks about evaluating quality in online teacher training courses, reporting on the outcomes of his joint workshop with Gavin Dudeney.

17:00 Interview with Maria Cleary

Maria talks about her extended reading foundation award winning book for young learners and how parents and teachers can support reading and the enjoyment of reading in children.


17:00 Interview with Jamshed Adel

Jamshed talks about  a project to develop standards of English teaching amoung teachers in Afghanistan and how he attempts to overcome some of the problems of security and of keep teachers connected to each other. 

16:50 Interview with Ken Lachman

Ken talks about a range of low preparation generic activities for developing real world reading skills.

16:50 Interview with Tareq Walizada

Tareq talked about a project to teach Afgan army officers English and the ways he builds trust and cultural understanding between British and Afgan officers. 

16:50 Everything you ever wanted to know about English language teaching panel

Catherine Walter, Carol Read and Jeremy Harmer answer questions from the IATEFL Online audience, covering topics ranging from discrimination against non-native speaker teachers, to the English we teach in the classroom, and even some ideas for a...

15:10 Interview with David Crystal

David talks about Shakespeare including practical tips for teachers on how to engage learners with Shakespeare and how they can improve their understanding of the great works. David also talks about how language and pronunciation is changing and how...

15:10 Interview with Huw Jarvis

Huw talks about, a website with a strong social media presence, which is helping to link research to classroom practice.

15:00 Interview with Harry Kuchah

Harry talks about his plenary for tomorrow and his approach to teacher led research to inform teacher training in difficult contexts. This is an unusual bottom up, context-driven approach supported through the teaching association. 


15:00 Interview with Rod Bolitho

Rod talks about reform in English language teaching in Uzbekistan and Ukraine, as well as the launch of a book to support Russian academics with their work in English.

15:00 Interview with Ann Cotton

Ann talks about the research and work she has done in Africa to help enable more girls access to education. 



13:40 Interview with Deepali Dharmaraj

Deepali talks about a British Council project to support teachers, learners and parents across India with materials linked to the national curriculum.

11:40 Interview with Paul Braddock

Paul talks about the redesign of and the new continuing professional development framework for teachers to review their competencies and identify training modules.

Sunday 12 April
Time Title Interview description
17:10 Interview with Philip Kerr

Philip talks about the role and importance of learners own language within the ELT classroom and the importance of teachers knowing the learners' own language.

17:00 Interview with Danny Whitehead

Danny talks about the role of the British Council in Iran and some recent research into innovations of English language teachers in Iran. 

17:00 Interview with Evan Frendo and Almut Koester

Talk about workplace training and English as a lingua Franca.

17:00 Interview with Tom Connelly

Tom talks about some of the support available for English language teachers in Chile, including the outcome of a recent action research project. 

16:50 Interview with Mary Giuranuic

Mary talks about memorisation - why it's important for English language teachers, and some techniques they might use to implement it more in their classroom.

15:20 Interview with Umesh Shrestha, Ushakiran Wagle and Sagun Shrestha

Umesh Shrestha, Ushakiran Wagle and Sagun Shrestha talk about some of the issues they face supporting English teachers in Nepal, both as trainers and working through the Nepal English Language Teachers’ Association.

14:40 Interview with Dita Phillips and Ela Wassell

Ela & Dita talked about their peer coaching project and how they have spent the last year helping each other to develop their teaching.

14:40 Interview with Joy Egbert

Joy talks about the key principles of engagement that teachers should check they are following when using learning technologies. In this interview she focusses on appropriate feedback.


14:30 Interview with Daniel Xerri

Daniel talks about research he has led on in Malta, in an ESL context, looking at developing levels of language awareness among English teachers.

14:00 Interview with Dorothy Zemach

Dorothy talks about the importance of teaching study skills and the responsibility of English language teachers to help their students learn more efficiently.

13:30 Interview with Margit Szesztay

Margit talks about the Global Issues special interest group, their preconference event led by Scott Thornbury on Gay Rights in ELT and calls for teachers to add to the resources available on their website to celebrate awareness raising days.

12:10 Interview with Alison Barrett

Alison talks about her role with the British Council and a number of projects to support teacher development and teacher training capacity across South Asia. She also talks about the importance of digital literacies and digital inclusion for girls and...

12:10 Interview with Jo Budden

Jo talks about the YLT SIG pre-conference event, with particular focus on issues relating to digital literacies.

11:20 Interview with Jamie Keddie

Jamie talks about how learners can make their own short videos at home to tell stories and how teachers can use these videos in the classroom.

11:10 Interview with Karen Waterston

Karen talks about her practical method of teacher development observations where the observer.

11:10 Interview with Nik Peachey

Nik talks about his soon to be released digital book on using video, which was crowd-funded.

11:10 Interview with Joe Dale

Joe talks about a range of apps and how you can combine them to produce engaging materials for students.


11:10 Interview with Donald Freeman

Donald talks in more detail about one of the three myths in English language teaching which he described in his opening plenary: proficiency as a goal.


11:00 Interview with Hugh Dellar

Hugh talks about his latest project to use images from National Geographic in teaching. He makes some useful suggestions for how teachers can get involved in becoming materials writers. 

Saturday 11 April
Time Title Interview description
17:40 Interview with Mike Solly

Mike talks about a project to support migrant Bangladeshi workers by using mobile phone data cards. 

17:40 Interview with Mark Walker

Mark, Director Examinations British Council, gives an update on current developments from the British Council's examinations team, including news on IELTS and Aptis.

17:40 Interview with Alan Maley

Alan talks about the role of literature in the current 'age of distraction', describing its importance for learners and teachers.

17:30 Interview with Anna Searle

Anna, Director English Language, British Council, tells us why IATEFL conferences are so special and talks about continuing professional development online through Massive Online Open Courses.

17:20 Interview with David Petrie and Rachael Roberts

David Petrie and Rachael Roberts talk about what they are currently working on as well as some of the biggest challenges facing teachers at the moment, offering some ideas about how to overcome those. The also provide some tips for newly-qualified...

16:50 Interview with Dave Dodgson, Vicky Saumel and Fiona Mauchline

David Dodgson, Fiona Mauchline and Vicky Saumell talk about what they are currently working on as well as some of the biggest challenges facing teachers at the moment, offering some ideas about how to overcome those. The also provide some tips for...

15:30 Interview with Adrian Underhill

Adrian talks about the need for teachers to develop the ability to move away from lesson plans and develop their ability to improvise in the classroom. 

15:30 Interview with Scott Thornbury

Scott talks about blended learning, evaluating technologies using second language acquisition criteria and how he is now using a flipped approach in teacher training.

15:20 Interview with John Knagg and Sara Pierson

Sara and John talk about the change management required in English Language teaching, focussing in particular on successfully managing policy changes.

15:10 Interview with Sinead Laffan

Sinead talks about attitudes to teacher development, using the example of problematising to illustrate more accessible approaches.

15:00 Interview with Bilal Ahmad and Arzu Daniel

Bilal and Arzu talk about the impact and opportunities British Council TeachingEnglish Radio, LearnEnglish Radio and LearnEnglish Mobile content have have had on teachers and learners in all corners of Pakistan.

14:50 Interview with Phil Bird

Phil talks about two ESOL initiatives in the UK - the ESOL Nexus website, and English My Way - and also gives a little background on the context of ESOL learning in the UK.

14:50 Interview with Nicky Hockley

Nicky talks about the evolution of technology within IATEFL, the most significant emerging technologies and the role of women in educational technology. 

14:00 Interview with Kathleen Graves

Kathleen talks about the kind of support teachers need to fully exploit coursebooks, particularly given their role as de facto curriculum in many contexts.

12:40 Interview with Helen Strong and Panchali Belde

Helen and Panchali talk about the work they do with the Munich teachers association and what they look for in a speaker.  They also talk about the importance and relevance of teachers associations in an increasingly connected world. 

12:00 Interview with Duncan Foord

Duncan talks about making meetings work more effectively and ensuring that a range of opinions are expressed. He makes some useful,  suggestions  for how we can make this happen. He also talks about an upcoming conference on innovation and the...

12:00 Interview with Jane Revell

Jane talks about Jetstream, a new adult course, which has interesting new features that evoke deeper thinking, motivation and help adults de-stress and focus on their learning.

12:00 Interview with Nicola Prentis

Nicola, an Extensive Reading Foundation award winner this year, talks about how she got into writing graded readers, and how teachers can really make the most of them in class.

11:50 Interview with Andy Hockley

Andy, coordinator for LAM SIG, talks about leadership and management in ELT. 

11:50 Interview with Gavin Dudeney

Gavin talks about evaluating online teacher training programmes - an issue he will address in a joint workshop at Manchester with Thom Kiddle on NILE.

11:20 Interview with Caroline Moore and Mercedes Viola

Caroline and Mercedes talk about online teacher development events organised by ElCom including monthly webinars for both members and non members and the potential of enriching the experience through chat rooms whilst watching presentations online....

11:00 Interview with Jeremy Harmer

Jeremy talks about ways to use poetry in the ELT classroom. He also reflects on the changes in ELT since the first issue of his teacher training book 32 years ago. Lastly he brings up the important issue of testing and the move towards testing...

Friday 10 April
Time Title Interview description
15:50 Interview with Herbert Puchta

Herbert talks about his talks on inputting values into languages lessons for teenagers and how to make lessons for adult learners emotionally engaging. 

15:50 Interview with Anna Inés Salvi

Anna talks about the research SIG and her experience developing as a practitioner researcher and the challenges and questions teachers doing academic research face.

15:30 Interview with Sue Leather

Sue talks about her latest Tracer project which measures the impact and lessons learnt from teacher training projects up to three years after the project. 

15:30 Interview with Tim Phillips

Tim gives some background on the British Council's signature event at this year's conference, and also talks about the Hornby scheme.

15:00 Interview with Carol Read

Carol, outgoing President of IATEFL, talks about the exciting initiatives and developments that she has seen over the past two years, including the Projects work and other initiatives for associations. 

15:00 Interview with Graham Hall

Graham, as editor of the ELT Journal, talks about its signature event this year, and also offers tips for those interested in submitting articles to the Journal.

14:00 Interview with Marjorie Rosenberg

Marjorie talks about her new role as president of IATEFL and her career route through various teachers’ association activities. She also talks about the importance of creativity in the language teaching process.

13:50 Interview with George Pickering

George talks about the role and work of Special Interest Groups and what they contribute towards teacher development within the the IATEFL organisation.

13:30 Interview with Barry O'Sullivan

Barry talks about some of the new programmes in the pipeline from the British Council Assessment Research team.

13:30 Meet the Team

Kirsteen Donaghy, Nik Peachey and Rob Lewis talk about their expectations of the Conference and how you can follow it online.

Thursday 9 April
Time Title Interview description
16:00 What you need to know about IATEFL Manchester Online

Find out what's coming up in the live online coverage from IATEFL Manchester.

15:10 Take a look behind the scenes of IATEFL Manchester Online

Rob Lewis takes you behind the scenes at IATEFL Manchester Online.

13:50 Welcome from the 49th Annual International IATEFL Conference and Exhibition!

Welcome from Rob Lewis, one of the IATEFL Manchester Online presenters.

Wednesday 25 March
Time Title Interview description
15:00 Carol Read

IATEFL President, Carol Read, invites you to join us for live conference coverage of the 2015 Manchester IATEFL Conference