Interview with Nicky Hockley

Interview description

Nicky talks about the evolution of technology within IATEFL, the most significant emerging technologies and the role of women in educational technology. 


I am attending  IATEFLonline for my own PD (and enjoyment - and because of FOMO!)*  I signed up to see ( as best I could) how tech is integrated into conference learning, how/what content is delivered, what "new modes" or ideas have been developed, how easy/ rewarding it would be to attend vicariously.  The most significant change from the days of the "virtual broom closet" is the strength of the Internet connection (for me in Toronto) and ease of linking (e.g. automatic sign in). Another change is my own familiarity with technology.   The less we have to think about the technology (and glitches!) the more we can focus on what to teach and how to engage and motivate students. Alas - digital conferencing provides no substitute for the F2F camaraderie and moral support which meant so much to me as I was developing as a teacher, but it is fun following the Twitter feed and being in realtime touch with some of those I follow and who follow me.

*Fear of Missing Out- or FOLO - Fear of Losing Out (intrinsic motivation).