Interview with Harry Kuchah

Interview description

Harry talks about his plenary for tomorrow and his approach to teacher led research to inform teacher training in difficult contexts. This is an unusual bottom up, context-driven approach supported through the teaching association. 

ALSO WATCH: IATEFL 2015 Plenary by Harry Kuchah



A question I have asked elsewhere: what percentage of teachers in Cameroon are members of CAMELTA?  In many countries, it is very hard to get more than a small fraction of teachers in the primary and secondary schools to join an ELT professional association based in the country. It is hard to come by exact figures for this in various countries in Europe, for example. IATEFL has numerous Associates at this point, but the actual on-the-ground membership of those Associates is sometimes less than 2-3% of all EFL teachers actually employed in the state schools where they are.

Maybe ministries of education should be strongly encouraging teachers, both novice and experienced, to join a local professional association as part of their CPD, and perhaps subsidizing membership fees. Perhaps IATEFL should be addressing this issue more directly.