Interview with George Pickering

Interview description

George talks about the role and work of Special Interest Groups and what they contribute towards teacher development within the the IATEFL organisation.


A nice informative interview, thanks George.

The newsletters need increasingly to go fully digital so as to save costs of printing and distribution, and to accomodate longer articles and hypertext links. Some newsletters specify articles to be only 400-800 words. The problem of what SIG members actually get for their extra membership fee has to be brainstormed. Perhaps the membership fee could be reduced if newsletters go totally digital, with limited access (or access limited just for a specific period). Personally, I would like to see open-access on all newsletters, period.

SIGs also need a blog rubric open online where members might 'publish' a paper when ready without having to wait for newsletters, whose preparation may ferment quite some time, for a range of reasons. BESIG has such a blog. Blogs can also publish interviews. A SIG could also launch a new online open-access journal, different from a newsletter in format and thrust. SIGs should more actively solicit contributions to their newsletters or blogs, even approaching non-members.  

Some SIGs are publishing low-cost ebooks (LASIG !), another option for outreach in the profession and beyond. All SIGs should have a hefty selection of past newsletter articles open-access online at their website as archive. Some do, like LASIG, GISIG.

More than a few of us think SIG PCEs should be arranged so that two could be attended on the same day, i.e. more compact and of course with a lower fee. SIGs could also run a joint PCE. The present arrangement creates a certain unnecessary 'competition' and as a result, several PCEs are clearly underattended.

Excellent ideas!! I would love to join a SIG and I would love to become an ASSOCIATE! I ve done soo many things.

THanks for sharing.