Interview with Alan Maley

Interview description

Alan talks about the role of literature in the current 'age of distraction', describing its importance for learners and teachers.


I liked the ideas expressed in the interview by MALEY because although  I feel that education is  undergoing changes and technology is prevailing teachers need to find  a way for  getting students into  literature, any text from poems to modern fiction.  I love the classics but I know that my students will not  read for hours , which I used to do as a teeanger but  I belong  to the  XX century!!     We need to struggle but  reading can open your mind and  you can learn a lot of new  words.   The more  we  read and do activities the more we will have students who have tried to cope with  a more  complex  world in terms of  issues, topics for discussions and   language.    I feel that  today we have  new e-books that can   help us  and thus we shuold all encourage  free activities based on reading. 

Usually I choose   short stories because they offer topics for discussion and they can be   read and  done from home too.

thanks for the interview