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Opening address by Carol Read
2015-04-11 07:59

Carol Read welcomes all the delegates to the 49th Annual IATEFL Conference and Exhibition in Manchester.

2015-04-02 13:03

This house believes that language testing does more harm than good

To propose the motion: Richard Smith (University of Warwick, UK)
To oppose: Anthony Green (University of Bedfordshire, UK)

Teaching children how to learn
2015-04-02 12:51

Gail Ellis & Nayr Ibrahim (British Council, France)

Reading and listening activities: understanding today or understanding tomorrow?
2015-04-02 10:23

When your learners do a reading or listening activity, are you helping them understand a specific text or listening passage? Or are you preparing them for the things they will need to read and listen to in the future? This talk focuses on preparing students to better understand 'the next text'.


Interview with Nicola Prentis and Russel Mayne
2015-04-13 17:39

They talked about research they had done into gender equality and bias particularly among the range of conference speakers on the regular ELT circuit.

Interview with Michael Austen
2015-04-13 17:38

Michael is a winner of one of this year's Extensive Reading Foundation awards, and talks about his winning title, 'A Dangerous Sky'.

Interview with Luke Meddings
2015-04-13 17:36

Luke talked about his efforts to maKe pronunciation practice more fun and relaxing for students. He demonstrates and interesting practice activity involving chewing gum. 

Interview with Martin Peacock
2015-04-13 17:08

Martin talks about digital and mobile content for teachers and learners available from the British Council and how their product development process has changed over the years. This year new products include apps and resources with Timmy Time for very young learners.

Interview with Thom Kiddle
2015-04-13 17:06

Tom talks about evaluating quality in online teacher training courses, reporting on the outcomes of his joint workshop with Gavin Dudeney.

Interview with Jamshed Adel
2015-04-13 17:04

Jamshed talks about  a project to develop standards of English teaching amoung teachers in Afghanistan and how he attempts to overcome some of the problems of security and of keep teachers connected to each other.