A.S. Hornby Educational Trust Scholars’ presentation: How assessment influences the classroom teaching and learning of English

Session description

Session details:

Research over several decades into test washback and impact agrees that the content and format of English language assessment may influence classroom English teaching and learning in complex ways. This talk will investigate how English language learning is assessed in schools in countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. It will discuss the influence of assessment on classroom teaching and learning, examine common factors and differences between the countries, and propose how assessment practices might be best used to promote learning in these contexts.

The scholars are: Simon Ruiz Hernandez (Venezuela), Saraswati Doradi (Nepal), Tomas Andujar (Cuba), Rezvan Rashidiporfard (Iran), Zainab Cengiz Umaru (Nigeria), Santi Budi Lestari (Indonesia), Deepa Ellepola (Sri Lanka), Dame Diop (Senegal), Abayneh Haile Mengesha (Ethiopia), Patrick Musafiri (Rwanda) Facilitated by Martin Wedell (Leeds University).

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