Forum on Investigating new knowledge constructs in teacher education

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Anne Burns
Anne Katz
Donald Freeman

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Investigating sources of familiarity in developing professional knowledge

Anne Burns (Aston University and University of New South Wales)

In the global enterprise of teaching English, quality is an important factor. A key aspect is the nature of professional knowledge teachers bring to the classroom. Successful professional knowledge development means building from what is known or familiar. The presenter discusses how the concept of familiarity was operationalised and tested in the development of a new online professional development programme.

Investigating professional confidence in developing teacher classroom language

Anne Katz (The New School)

This presentation examines a new framework for describing teacher English proficiency in the classroom. ‘English-for-teaching’ is based on a language competence model that supports teachers in building confidence in using English. The presenter discusses how this framework informed the design of online learning materials, drawing on pilot survey data to illustrate its effectiveness.

Investigating professional confidence in teacher learning and development

Donald Freeman (University of Michigan)

The presentation introduces concepts of professional confidence, along with knowledge for-teaching and teacher agency, as different ways to conceptualize teacher learning. It outlines the operationalisation of these ideas in self-access teacher education materials and assessments, and discusses a global trial of the materials and assessments with 4,000 teachers in 10 countries.