Cambridge Signature Event

Session description

Nick Saville
Miranda Hamilton
Stephanie Dimond-Bayir
Barkan Tekdogan

Session details:

 Bringing Learning Oriented Assessment into the ELT ClassroomLearning Oriented Assessment seeks to maximise the value of the formative and summative feedback which classroom learning and testing tasks can generate. It helps teachers to target instruction and monitor progress, and learners to set goals and manage their progress towards achieving them. It is a framework for achieving measurably better learning. But how will LOA work in practice in the ELT classroom? In this session our panel will discuss the issues which might be encountered when introducing a learning oriented approach to assessment and the positive effect it can have on students’ progress if implemented effectively.
 Speakers:Nick Saville (Director, Research & Validation, Cambridge English Language Assessment)Miranda Hamilton (Consultant, Cambridge English Language Assessment)Stephanie Dimond-Bayir (Teacher Training Programmes Manager, Bell International)Barkan Tekdogan (Head of English Department, Terakki Foundation Middle School,Turkey)