‘Because you like me!’

As I teach adults I don’t usually go to talks on young learners, but I was so impressed by David Gibson and Luke Prodromou’s performances in their Dave’n’Luke evening on Wednesday that I decided to make an exception and attend David Gibson’s talk, Building Trust, Confidence, and Belonging in the Classroom. Unplugged.

To a small but spell-bound audience, he started off by saying that all his ideas for talks come directly from his classroom (using the poem Lies by Yevegeny Yevtushenko), he continued with several entertaining stories, assuring us that every one is true and drawn from his long experience as both a pupil and teacher. The event was rounded off with the tear-jerking story of Sally, a little under-privileged seven-year old girl who taught him the best lesson he’d ever learned in his life, summing up the need for trust, confidence and belonging.