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IATEFL Failure Fest: how is failure a better teacher than success? We’re all used to case studies and presentations reflecting heroic successes. But what of the things that went wrong? The stories of entrepreneurs and innovators constantly refer to learning from failure, with the adage, “Fail early, fail fast, fail often.” But how do you actually turn failure into success? This event - which we’ll be bringing you as a live webcast - promises to provide both fun and failure. This IATEFL Failure Fest will focus on innovation in language learning and teaching with short snappy presentations in which brave presenters reflect on what they’ve tried and hasn’t worked, and what we all might learn from the experience. There will be and opportunity for contributions from IATEFL Liverpool Online remote delegates. The compere will be Ken Wilson. The seven special guests, whose stories will make you laugh, cry and learn, are [in alphabetical order]: Bethany Cagnol Chia Suan Chong Andy Cowle Herbert Puchta Jeremy Harmer Rakesh Bhanot Valeria Franca Willy Cardoso (This event is inspired by the ‘Nests Failure Fest: Education, Innovation and Enterprise.’ We are grateful to Nesta and Claudia Barwell from Suklaa for their help and advice.)