A.S. Hornby Educational Trust Scholars’ presentation - Becoming an effective English teacher: who, what and where helps it happen?

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Thi Quynh

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A.S. Hornby Educational Trust Scholars’ presentation

This presentation offers a global perspective on issues concerning the nature of the 'teaching' that teachers learn and what helps teachers learn it. The presenters will look at the impact of both formal and informal aspects of teacher education. They will discuss how factors such as individual effort, collaboration with others, exposure to exceptional teaching, and supportive leadership and mentoring contribute to successful teacher learning. Are some factors more influential than others?

The scholars are: Thi Quynh Le Tran (Vietnam), Dini Handayani (Indonesia), Claudia Alejandra Spataro (Argentina), Suman Laudari (Nepal), Hasantha Himali Kuruppu Munasinghe (Sri Lanka), Shivaji Kushwaha (India), Samira Hazari (Iran), Bernardo Cruz-Belo (Mexico), Fatima Zohra (Pakistan), Hintsa Haddush (Ethiopia), Ali Jabbar Zwayyer (Iraq), Maria do Carmo Bazante (Brazil). Facilitated by Martin Wedell (Leeds University).