Forum on Continuous Professional Development

Session description

Natalia Tsarikova
Jane Cohen
Ljiljana Subotic

Session details:

Leap Ahead in English – a model for classroom-based CPD
Jane Cohen (The British Council Israel)
Teachers are increasingly expected to participate in extracurricular INSETT training. The training is often regarded as burdensome, irrelevant and out of touch with participants’ individual needs. Leap Ahead in English is a mentoring model which provides elementary English teachers training in the classroom with personalized CPD goals, and a clear assessment framework for both the teachers and their learners.

Peer support groups in Uzbekistan
Natalia Tsarikova (British Council)
This presentation will give an overview of the processes involved in establishing and running a peer support group (PSG) for teachers of English. It will describe the concept and characteristics of a PSG as a way of strengthening a teacher training programme and autonomous on-going teacher development, using the successes and learning points of a current PSG programme in Uzbekistan.

Continuous professional development of teachers in Montenegro
Ljiljana Subotic (Bureau for Education Services)
This talk presents a national initiative to implement school-based professional development at pre-school, primary and secondary levels. It focuses on the practical implications of creating learning environments for teachers and presents findings from the first national report on the implementation of school-based professional development in Montenegro, based on self-evaluation by schools.