British Council Signature Event - Linguistic imperialism: still alive and kicking?

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Are English language teachers unwitting promoters of imperialism? Does the global spread of the English language threaten local languages, cultures and identities? Do these need to be safeguarded? What are the forces driving the spread of English? Is the dominance of English in the virtual sphere a threat? Or is English simply a very important tool that helps individuals and economies to develop? These are not new questions. However, many feel that they merit serious consideration, as “globalisation” spreads and investment in, and the promotion of, English language teaching and learning continue to increase. This session will address these topics, drawing on the views of an expert panel, with ample time for contributions from the floor.

The panel:
Becky, R.K. Ndjoze-Ojo (former Deputy Minister of Education, Namibia) 
Sarah Ogbay (University of Asmara, Eritrea) 
Robert Phillipson (Professor Emeritus, Copenhagen Business School, The Netherlands) 
Danny Whitehead (British Council, Indonesia)