Wrapping Up IATEFL 2013: Reflections on the Experience

Addeh Hovassapian's picture

Well IATEFL conference 2013 ended on Friday on April 12...

And traveling a full day back home, while kind of exhausted, mulling over this unbelievable experience it just seems like a dream ... A dream I lived in and was so pleasant and beautiful!  

The IATEFL conference without doubts was the best I have ever participated. The wealth and intensity of information provided was unlike any other I have been to and the high level of professionalism and discipline prevailing throughout the 5 days of the event was truly admirable.

Participating in more than 25 sessions on various aspects of language teaching, I believe my biggest lesson gained was how much there still is out there for me/us to learn. Each talk and presentation stimulated in me innovative thinking, inspiration and great desire to read more, explore more, and experiment more while enabling me to view common issues we language teachers share from various perspectives.

But this conference wasnt just about teaching and professional development. It was also about developing human relations and ties... meeting new people...sharing diverse cultures and developing personally ... and bringing together a large number of people together who have so much in common, yet are so different and unique by themselves and accordingly have them communicate with one another and grow together.

Here I'd also like to appreciate the chance and thank my fantastic teammates Sanja Bozinovic and Branka Segvic as well BC online team's Project Manager Julian wing and Language and Media Coordinator Martin Heineberg who with their professionalism and brilliant human characteristics wholeheartedly supported me and made my journey to the Beatles' land more enjoyable. 

Finally, while the conference has ended, the leaning doesnt stop here!! I hope after a short period of recovery, I will be able to get back to all my conference notes and recordings to review and explore the content presented more deeply and hence share them with you.

Till then, get a well-deserved break!