The Weather in Liverpool: The ELT Weather Forecast Perceptions on Effectiveness and Teacher Motivation

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In an original, surprising and entertaining second pleanary session of this conference, prof. Deniz Kurtoglu Eken from Sabanci University, Turkey, shared the results of the research she conducted online and included teachers from all over the world who work in different contexts. She presented the results using the vocabulary and images of the weather forecast programmes, which not only entertained the audience but served to underline the most important points of the speech.

In her speech, prof. Kurtoglu Eken highlighted some very interesting points, from the image teachers have of their own job and position in the world, where we read some very original, poetic and strongly felt replies, to teachers' perception of teaching standards in their context vs. the country in general, where most teachers felt they were doing better than the country and they usually thought the country should improve the standards.

Prof. Kurtoglu also summarized the results in the part of the survey about academic management, which showed the feedback to managers/directors, as well as the part 
about teacher motivation, where, again, the pattern was easily seen and the teachers from very different contexts and countries shared the same feelings and energy. 

Some  commonly recognized opportunities for different countries and context can be drawn from the research and it shows clearly what could be done to improve both effectiveness and teacher motivation.