P.S. I love you (On the last day of the conference)

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It's the last day of the conference. Everybody is a little tired, your roving reporter included, but we are looking forward to a new day at the conference:

  • dr Susan Barduh 's plenary session on the phenomenon of expatriate teachers of English - English dealing,
  • Roger McGough's final plenary,
  • another two well structured and very helpful "How to..." sessions,
  • another day of most difficult choices to make about which of the remaining 71 workshops to attend,
  • the last day of the Exhibition,
  • the closing address by the new president of IATEFL, Carol Read.
  • When I think about what I am taking home from the conference, it is obviously all the wealth of new ideas, both in theory and practice, but also all the great teachers I have met. The conference has offered me the chance to meet some great experts in the field of ELT, a lot of colleagues from all around the world, but a special place in my heart is reserved for two other roving reporters from this conference: we had only met through BC Blogathon, but here in Liverpool we have become friends. So, as much as teaching is important and the conference a great opportunity for professional development, and the city of Liverpool is gorgeous, the real value of the conference is also in making friends and exchanging ideas that lead to some great teaching and other adventures. P.S. If you are reading this in your pyjamas at home, it's time to check the schedule and plan which of the sessions that are live streamed you can follow. Have a great day at the conference, in Liverpool or online!