The mouse and the lion have come to IATEFL

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M. Nazli Demirbas and M. Akin Gungor had a workshop for a small audience of teachers teaching very young and young learners. They talked about the story selection and dramatization for very young learners.
First, the teachers had to choose an animal to identify with: a lion, a stork, a mouse, an elephant and a hippo, according to some characteristics they recognize in themselves as teachers. Most present teachers were mice: jolly, collaborators and facilitators, but there were a few of all other kinds.
Two young presenters explained the importance of stories which are an effective FL teaching technique, and if done through dramatization, enjoyable, motivating and interactive - they are a way to an easy, permanent and entertaining language acquisition. 
Teachers were reminded of the rules to apply when choosing the appropriate story for their young learners and there was the time for a story dramatization. The teachers in the audience gladly volunteered to play parts and the dramatization was a very enjoyable activity. 
We were shown a few follow-up activities, like a song, a maze, colouring - all well designed and a great fun to do. 
All the teachers left the session with a big smile and a few fresh ideas to use in their classes.