Magical Mystery Tour for Teachers who'll never walk alone

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I am back home and going through the programme of the conference, reading the notes, thinking about the most interesting bits of the talks and workshops I attended and feeling sad about all the great ones I had to miss because I am a total failure at cloning myself.

After LT SIG Pre-conference events on Monday, Tuesday  flew: How to reflect on research talks at the conference. The world in which we live in: Beatles, blends and blogs.The story dramatization for young learners. Q&A session relating to David Crystal's plenary. Exhibition. Lunch. CUP signature event. Tea. Implementing handheld learning: a personal journey. Technology in ELT: to be used cautiously, critically and selectively. Evening. 
It was already Wednesday: How to get the most out of social media. The ELT weather forecast: perceptions on effectiveness and teacher motivation. Bridging the gap between the classroom and the autonomous learner. Tea. Follow-up workshop relating to Deniz Kurtoglu Eken's plenary. Lunch. Pearson Signature Event. Tea. BC Signature Event. Evening. 

Then Thursday: How to give a presentation at an international conference. ELT tomorrow. Cell phone scavenger hunt. Tea. Dogme with YLs and teens? Lunch. Q&A session relating to Jun Liu's plenary. Evaluating web-based tools for language instruction. Tea. Putting the “C“into CPD. Teaching EFL through the multiple intelligence focus. Evening.
Friday was already there: How to move from being a teacher to becoming a trainer. Language dealing. Blended learning in ELT. Creative pedagogy, language learning and technology. Exhibition. Digital literacies – the essential guide. Roger McGough. Closing address. Book signing by Roger McGough. Tea and cake. 

The conference wasn't just the talks, workshops and evening events. I loved the experience of being a roving reporter and I am thankful to British Council for giving me this opportunity. My colleagues Branka and Addeh made the week in Liverpool great fun, too. Julian and Martin from Liverpool Online team made our task easy by being always there for us. A huge thank you to all and hope to see you next year. Until then, see you  on Liverpool Online.