The Future of ELT: is it really in future?

Addeh Hovassapian's picture

In today’s plenary Jun Liu delineated how the ELT might look like as an ever-changing paradigm. 

His speech was quite intriguing one as to answer this question Jun had resorted to a thorough study of the prevailing change trends both in past and present and by systematic analysis of what has been studied and researched in the past 5 decades in the field all around the world, had compiled a comprehensive data - both statistical and qualitative - to predict its possible future. 

However, one of the main discussed areas which particularly attracted my attention most was the 6 abilities which he counted as critical and required competencies of all ELT teachers in future

According to him, for teachers to survive the on-going changes in their profession, 1)they need to make constant and effective changes in their teaching practices and expertise by examining their beliefs and principles, 2) learn and speak at least one another language because of the fact that tomorrow’s job market is going to be dominated by Multilingual professionals, 3) teach less to maximize students learning , 4) not only teach English as a subject by itself, but also teach another subject using English, 5) familiarize themselves constantly with new learning and teaching trends, and finally 6) ensure learning outside the classroom using online and blended technologies. 

So how do you relate with this? Do you really think we should adopt these features in future or we already need to implement all these to survive in the paradigm?  

As for me, I believe there is really no need to predict the future and hence act accordingly. For me, the future is now and we as teacher shouldn’t have the future dictate us what we need to be like. Rather we have to take an active role in shaping it ourselves and for doing so we need to start right now!