Evelina Miscin's Cell Phone Scavanger Hunt

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Evelina teaches at the College of Business and Management in Zapresic, Croatia, and she uses mobile phones in her English language lessons. Teachers usually don't like when students use mobile phones in class because they distract, they are used for cheating or even taking photos of the teacher that end of on YouTube or some other Internet service. However, there are a lot of advantages and Evelina's workshop was to show other teachers some tasks that prove it. After a warm up activity, the delegates worked in groups. We did:

  • dictation, in groups the delegates wrote a dictation – but on our mobile phones;
  • abbreviations – we reconstructed words from abbreviations in text messages;
  • story telling – every participant had to add a sentence to the story and either text the message to the neighbour or pass a mobile phone;
  • guessing words – we tried to find the words starting with ANTI to match the words given in the task;
  • advertising and logo – we tried to make a commercial for one of the offered products and think of the logo;
  • translate into English – the delegates had to use their phones to translate a given sentence from Croatian into English. It was clear from the start that the activity was a success. All delegates looked just like students when they get their favourite activity to do. The stories were all very good and it was very difficult to choose the best. The group with the best story got a prize - a box of the finest chocolates from Croatia. The two roving reporters had the honour to choose the winner.