Global Business Etiquette 101

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Nikolina Korecic

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Hi all,
My name is Nikolina. I am originally from Croatia, currently living in France.

I would like to invite all of you to my presentation on Tuesday, 20 March at 10 40 am. It will take place in room Gala 1. Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Here is the abstract:

Why do some businesses fail in some countries, and do well in others? The secret may lie in culture. Globalization has enabled divergent cultures to interact with one another despite cultural differences. Business English trainers serve as mediators in teaching entrepreneurs how to conduct business worldwide by not only teaching the language, but also the culture needed to communicate effectively.

I have based my workshop on real-life situations and samples collected by living and working in the United States, France and Croatia. I have encountered different patterns of behavior and used them later on as examples throughout my career as Business English teacher and intercultural trainer. When teaching Business English I realized I was not only teaching the target language needed for various business communication skills, but also the culture involved. 

Is it the same to deliver a presentation in front of a monolingual audience in an Anglo-Saxon country or international audience? What factors do we need to take into account when conducting a meeting with the participants from different cultures? How about non -verbal communication which differs greatly from one culture to another? Setting a business venture can also be a struggling task if the culture has not been studied properly in advance. Even social events can vary greatly from one culture to another.

English as a lingua franca has been given a dominant role in intercultural business communication, but it is not only about speaking English properly to be understood by your interlocutors, it is also about knowing their cultural background to be able to deliver message across and avoid misunderstandings.