The CELTA Online - one year on

Session description

Marie Therese Swabey
Colin Paton
David Rea

Session details:

The CELTA Online - one year on
The talk will start with a brief outline of the conception and development of the Cambridge CELTA Course Online, a joint project between IH London and Cambridge ESOL, followed by reflections from IH London on their experience of running the first two courses in 2011 and finally a look at the variety of models used by different centres that have run the course so far.  

The Cambridge CELTA Course Online is a blended course: the input is delivered online while teaching practice is still dealt with face to face. This mode of delivery, which was first piloted by IH London in April 2011, has presented both challenges and rewards for the trainers and the trainees involved. 

This presentation will look at how the different elements of a face-to-face CELTA course are combined in this blended learning format.  We will consider how both online tutors and TP tutors have adapted to their roles within the new format and we will discuss how tutors foster learning and maintain the motivation of participants doing this type of blended learning course.  We will also look at some of the challenges and issues that have arisen on the first two courses run by IH London and how these have been addressed.

Finally the presentation will look at different ways of structuring a Cambridge CELTA Course Online and we will explore the variety of models used by different centres that have run the course so far.  We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the different models and consider alternative possibilities suggested by conference participants.

There will also be an opportunity for those attending the presentation to ask questions and to discuss issues that are raised.