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Mark Krzanovski ( is a lecturer in Tesol and teacher training at the University of Westminster. He is the co-ordinator of the ESP Sig at Iatefl and ESP/EAP adviser for Garnet Education.


He states that the most important issue facing ESP in Britain is the lack of an official teaching qualification at a post-diploma level. However, the British Council is currently planning to design a certificate in teaching ESP for post-16 vocational education around the world.

The fact is that there is an increasing interest in ESP and EAP on MA Tesol courses in the UK. At the very moment there are 14 students at the University of Westminster taking the specialist module.


He is especially grateful to Michael Carrier, head of global English at the British Council, for the BC´s institutional support in sponsoring exchanges between the Iatefl ESP Sig and the Tesol ESP Interest Section.


ESP Sig informs everyone who is interested in:

1.  contributing to future books (the 4th book is being planned) to contact

2. contributing to their Journal to contact Prihvi at

3. becoming a member of their Sig to contact Aysen Guven at

4. any international collaborations, either on an individual or institutional level, to ask to be put in contact with fellow professionals.


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