The last day has come...

Ana Kodric's picture

The last sessions of the day is finished.. and the Final Plenary session, the Closing Adress and the Conference Farewell are behind us. The exciting fulfilling satisfaction combined with complete lack of energy which I feel reminds me of video games when at the end of a level you complete your mission and get the token but your energy level signalizer is flashing "red" :)

So after listening to great presenters, learning, sharing ideas and experiences it is time for what? What do you prepare your students for? The real life obviously :)))


Dear colleagues and friends it is time for us to fully emerge the street life of Glasgow and struggling with the wonderous Scottish accent practice our communicational skills!

The four roving reporters, whose member I have proudly been for the last five days, went shopping, sightseeing, taxi driving and exploring the city! :)


I loved to be your link with the conference and I sincerely hope you will enjoy reading the posts nearly as much as I have enjoyed listening to the presenters and being part of this magnificent, gigantic wonder called the world of Iatefl!


Best wishes! Ana ;)