Joe Pereira: Using Interactive Fiction for digital game-based language learning

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The notion of Interactive Fiction is neither new nor innovative. Nevertheless, its use in language teaching is still new and not yet greatly explored. Interactive Fiction is actually what many of us would refer to as the original computer game; a text-based adventure in which the player works with the game to co-construct the story.


In the session Joe highlighted the origins of the format and how it became a worldwide phenomenon. He then proceeded to look at the conventions of playing and the type of language needed to progress through a typical game.


The participants were then invited to actually play an IF game, Joe giving the audience the opportunity to explore the various options available to them. He then ‘rewound’ to certain points to showcase the fact that by choosing different commands or by exploring different areas, the game itself would culminate in a different way.


Joe recommended a number of useful links for those interested in getting started in IF.


Joe’s own work on IF can be found on his blog: