Işıl Boy and Beyza Yılmaz: TeCH-achers: Get your one-way ticket to tech islands!

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Where can the internet take us as 21st century teachers? The web, Işıl and Beyza noted, is now somewhat analogous to a ‘tech island’ resplendent with a variety of web tools. Nevertheless, if teachers aren’t aware of how to make the most of them, they won’t be able to guide students through their learning journeys.


In this wonderful presentation, Işıl and Beyza took us on a guided tour of the tech island, explaining online platforms like Virtual Learning Environments and Personal Learning Networks.


Despite the fact that teachers know that technology motivates students to participate in lessons, they still need to learn about this tech island in terms of how to build a shelter, hunt for food and, most importantly, how to survive.


The presenters gave pointers about how to…


-          integrate technology into our teaching context,

-          build a PLN, and

-          use web based learning and teaching materials effectively.


Thanks to the clear explanations of the presenters, none of these look so difficult.