Gavin Dudeney: Past IT – from CALL to EdTech: A History

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What justifiable connection is there between the development of technology and the advancement of teaching methodology?


Having worked with educational technology (EdTech) in teaching and training for more than two decades, Gavin has witnessed a wide range of tools come and go during that time. In his session He shared his journey through the history of EdTech. Central to Gavin’s session was an examination of where we are today, what have we learnt from the past, which technologies survive, and where we are heading in the future.


Gavin’s fascination of change, the resistance to change, and the process by which technologies embed themselves in our lives led to him engaging with the audience and getting participants to reflect on what changes they had been through and what experiences this had allowed.


Central to Gavin’s thesis was the notion that technology frequently mirrors other aspects of our daily lives, a factor that also rings true in the realm of language teaching. He showed how it was possible to map the various eras of technology to methodologies in our profession.


Gavin also suggested that enabling teachers to use EdTech in their own professional contexts in a non-threatening and pedagogically sound way required a close examination of our practices. He suggested referring to the T-Pack model - Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge - which attempts to identify the nature of knowledge required by teachers for technology integration in their teaching, while also addressing the complex, multifaceted and situated nature of teacher knowledge.