Eugene Schaefer - Teaching with spontaneity: using PDL in the classroom

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"Imagine not knowing where your lesson is going.. walking into a classroom with no idea what the lesson content will be, but certain that learner input will lead the way."


In this workshop we were introduced to techniques used in PDL - Psychodramaturgie Linguistique - enabling us to react spontaneously to impulses from the class and help students  say what they really want to say.


There are two basic techniques:

1. MIRRORING - all stand in a circle, the teacher as well, and after doing some breathing and relaxation exercises it starts.. the teacher starts a mologue acting and using gestures a lot and the learners are supposed to "copy" the words and the movements. This helps with making the speech flowing


2. DOUBLING - using masks with blindfolds, the teacher sits behind the learner, asks the learner to relax, think of the breathing, and than imagine a word. The teacher than utters sentences using this word and the learner repeats them.. if he/she is not comfortable with a sentence meaning or sound (if he doesn´t understand it) it is the sign for the teacher to "go" in another direction.


Another simmilar activity is to make groups of 3, one learner thinks of a word and than the other two think of sentences trying to "guess" what he/she ment by this word.



All in all, an interesting and fun perspective on ELT.