Anthony Gaughan: The Se7en Deadly Sins

Adam Simpson's picture

Everything you know is wrong! Well, not wrong, but I guess we could all do with a fresh perspective on our teaching practices every now and again.


As methodological and pedagogical notions progress, we are often in danger of throwing the babies out with the bathwater. This, noted Anthony in this lovely session, is what we have done on a number of occasions: many useful teaching and learning strategies are discarded without real reason.


Structuring his session around the concept of deadly sins, Anthony in turn focused on repetition drilling, translation and the use of L1, students using dictionaries in class, teacher explanations, reading texts aloud, telling students they are wrong and teacher talk time.


Through the use of practical examples and reexamination of the theories behind each of these, Anthony effectively gave his thinking behind why each of these ‘demonized’ notions deserves a degree of reevaluation. He stated quite clearly at the start that his aim was merely to show why he feels these things have great merit with our necessarily aiming to convince the audience that they should agree. Well, I’m one convert!


Anthony’s presentation was one of several excellent sessions delivered as part of the Teacher Development SIG.