The many roles we perform as business English trainers

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Mercedes Viola

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How can we define what we do when we “teach” English to corporate clients? There are many different terms used in the business world: teacher, trainer, facilitator, coach, strategist, consultant. What do they mean? Don’t we do something similar? We need to clearly identify our role to be able to present ourselves and our proposals accordingly. Just like people, companies in today’s economy find that their primary source of competitive advantage lies in the knowledge they posses, so they increasingly invest on staff training. When a well-known organization asks you for advice on how to train their people or if you could design business English programs for their employees, you are doing something that goes beyond the classical concept of “teaching English”. If you want to provide them with the service they need, you need to get to know the organization that requests your services, including its culture and its global situation. You will also have to get to know the course participants, their strengths, needs and learning styles. When you are aware of the significance of this training to your clients, in the short and long term, you also try to provide them with tools that could help them in their careers worldwide. So, what kind of services are we providing to our clients? In this talk we will analyze the jobs of these different professionals – teachers, trainers, facilitators, coaches, strategists and consultants; what most HR people are looking for when they decide to hire our services and what their expectations are, what we actually do and how can we present our proposal and ourselves to more accurately reflect what we do. DAY: Sunday 17th April TIME: 4:10:00 PM - 4:40:00 PM ROOM: Room 6