Do smartphones mean smart learners? Mobile & English language learning

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Neil Ballantyne

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In very little time, many of our students’ phones have evolved from portable telephones to internet-enabled multi-media mobile computing devices. But how are learners using these phones to learn English? This talk focuses on the results of case studies into the use of smartphones (e.g. the Apple iPhone) to learn English in and out of the English classroom.

Videos used in the talk:

Mobile learning (Chris Baldwin in the classroom) -

Word Lens trailer -

Voxy trailer -

Apps mentioned in the talk:

Google Goggles -

Word Lens -

Voxy app -

British Council apps -

Duck Duck Moose (apps for Young Learners) -

I wrote a guest blog post for Nicky Hockly reviewing some apps for English - As well as Nicky's blog, David Read's Mobile ESL is worth following -